Headboard Galleries

Headboard Galleries

How do I purchase a headboard?

You can simply purchase your headboard online using our secure credit card payment option, or you can contact us if you require personal service, a custom designed headboard and other payment options. Please feel free to ask any questions.    

Step 1- Choose your style of headboard
All our headboards are made to order so you can customise them to suit your bed.

Step 2 - Choose your fabric
All the prices displayed on our website include a standard fabric.  You are not restricted by the fabrics displayed on our website.  You can supply your own fabric or we can source it for you.  Please contact us to confirm the amount of fabric required.

Step 3 - Order online 
Delivery times are about 3 weeks.  Prices include free delivery in NZ only.

Why choose a bespoke Spenky headboard?

Not all beds and bedrooms are the same. That's why at Spenky headboards you can choose the perfect bespoke headboard for you and your bed.  

Headboards have always been an after thought and have remained unchanged for years. Spenky Design took up the challenge and have completely redesigned the headboard on the principle that the bed mounted headboard should rest against the wall. This innovative approach stops the wobbling and banging headboard, and also eliminates stresses on the bed frame when leaning against it. The introduction of a foam bumper and redesign of the fixings means your walls are protected.   To find out more about Spenky headboard innovations click here...

Order fabric samples

You can now order fabric samples online so you can be sure that you are selecting the right fabric for your headboard.

Click here...

If you live in Auckland you can visit the Warwick showrooms in in Parnell (33 Bath St) or Mairangi Bay (12 Apollo Drive) 


Matching headboards using the same fabric

Just bought a new bed?

We can now make upholstered headboards to match your new bed base.  If your bed is made in NZ we can source the same fabric.  

Ask your bed retailer what the name of the fabric is, and let us know. Otherwise, contact us and we can help you.  

Bed Wraps

Order a custom-made bed wrap to match your new headboard.  Our patent pending system allows for a perfectly fitting wrap.  Click here to find out more...