Headboard Bolt

Your bed should be supplied with headboard bolts if you have purchased a new bed recently.  Please contact the retailer and they should give them to you for free.

If you can't find them or have an older bed, we can supply you with headboard bolts.  Typically, the headboard bolts have an M8(metric) thread and a length of 65mm.  Some American bed brands(Sealy, KingKoil, Sleep Smart) have a 5/16(imperial) thread.  The price is for 1 x headboard bolt.

If you know the brand of your bed, please let us know. Otherwise we will send you M8 bolts for NZ beds.

If you order the incorrect bolts please send them back to us and we will send the correct ones.

Price includes delivery!!!


Price: $7.50 NZD


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