Why choose a Spenky headboard?

New Zealand Made Headboards For New Zealand Beds! 

Unlike some retailers and imported headboards suppliers we can personalise your headboard dimensions and fabric selection to best compliment your bedroom interior.  Beds come in a range of different heights from 500-780mm high, so what looks good on a showroom bed or a photo on the internet may look completely different on your bed and in your bedroom. Because you tell us your bed height we can position the buttons and configure the design so your headboard is a perfect match for your bed.

Our headboards are designed and manufactured for New Zealand beds.  Beware of imported headboards that do not have any ability to attach the headboard to the bed.  Typically, NZ beds have standard headboard bolts, securing the headboard in place.  Our headboards are constructed using NZ manufactured foams that have a 5 year durability guarantee.  Cheap imported furniture may use cheap foams that can lose there shape and density in a short space of time.

If you are after a solid headboard then a Spenky™ headboard is definitely for you.  Our headboards are made the old fashion way using a solid panel that won't twist or distort.  Typically our headboards are quite a bit heavier than the headboards sold in bed retailers due to the solid construction and assembly. 

Design Features


Headboard Bumper

The bumper allows your headboard to rest against the wall with out the worry of your headboard damaging your walls or wall paper.  Resting the headboard against the wall reduces the forces placed on the headboard legs and bed frame. This eliminates the wobbling and banging headboard that can weaken your bed frame, causing it to creaking overtime.

Integrated Legs

Other headboard manufacturers make the headboard panel and then screw the legs on the back. We have designed our headboards so that the legs are integrated into the headboard panel.  This allows the headboard to sit flush with the wall, giving the appearance the headboard is wall mounted.  This also reduces any dust and debris falling behind the headboard.

The integrated headboard legs reduce the distance the headboard encroaches into your bed length.  See the diagram above.  Other headboards may shorten your bed length by as much as 80mm.  This is an important design feature for tall people.

Leglocks is a clever innovation from Spenky™ Headboards. Leglocks secures your headboard at the correct height, preventing the headboard from sliding up or down.


Leg Locks

Our bed mounted headboards with legs come with Leglocks.  The clever washer locks into the headboard legs so the headboard won't slide up or down once installed. 

Wall Mounted Headboards

Spenky™ wall mounted headboards sit flush against the wall so no debris or dust can collect behind the headboard. Competitors headboards are offset from the wall with visible fixings.  Our wall mounting rail also has a built in level for quick and easy installation.