Spenky Growth Stick

The Growth Stick Story...

The most successful method for recording your child’s growth height into adulthood has been the pencil markings on the door frame. Unfortunately, this historical information is lost when you move house or redecorate. The Spenky Growth Stick is based on the same principals as the traditional height markings on the door frame. Now this historical information can be preserved and passed onto future generations.

The Spenky Growth Stick provides lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Timeless Design & Historical Record

Unlike other height charts the Spenky Growth Stick records your child's growth into adulthood - up to 2 metres tall. Its contemporary design is visually unobtrusive like other height charts with childish themes. It can be displayed in any room and will not date as your child grows into adulthood. The Spenky™ Growth Stick becomes more valuable with time and a treasured family heirloom.  You can transfer existing height markings from door frames and add extended family members heights to the Growth Stick.  

Educational Benefits

The Growth Stick is one of the best educational tools when it comes to teaching a child basic maths and the principle of measurement. It is a visual product, so it is easy for a child to understand. It can be used to raise awareness and educate your child about growth, good eating habits and healthy living.

When your child sees how much they have grown, they get excited about growing more!


Quality materials and construction: Anodised aluminium, pine plywood veneer and durable plastic end caps.  Picture hook supplied.

Product dimensions: 1455mm x 53mm x 20mm


A single picture hook is used to install the Spenky Growth Stick,  minimising any damage to the walls and paint finish. The clever design of installing it next to a door frame secures the Spenky Growth Stick in place. It does not need to be installed by a tradesman and requires no specialist tools.  It can be installed on the left or right hand side of the door frame.  A picture hook is supplied with the Spenky Growth Stick.

Price: $40.00 NZD

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