Split Headboard Options


There is a growing trend in the bed market for split beds.  They offer flexibility for the accommodation sector and holiday homes where sleeping arrangements can change.  Typically, bed manufacturers supply bed bases with headboard fixings for a standard headboard.  At Spenky™ we have developed a couple of headboard options for you.

OPTION 1 is a wide wall mounted headboard that allows you to reconfigure the beds and bedside tables.  This option gives you a more robust and secure headboard if the beds are reconfigured regularly.

OPTION 2 is bed mounted headboards. This options allows you to position the beds anywhere in the room.  You may need to screw the headboard legs into the bed base frame. 

Select your headboard height(400-800mm) and fabric to create your bespoke headboard.

Prices include GST, a selected standard fabric and delivery.  

Split Headboard
Split wall mounted